begins with the design. Kelvin scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting specifications utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided technology. The quest for quality doesn’t just end there. Only the highest-grade materials are selected for use in products and to ensure your complete satisfaction every Kelvin bulb is 100% tested at each step in the manufacturing process. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. Kelvin is proud to offer you a wide range of bulbs you can use with pride and confidence.

Color Temperature

is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue of a specific type of light source. Many people believe the misconception that color temperature is a rating of the brightness of the bulb or Hid kit. This belief is completely false. The reality of the matter is that the higher the color temperature, the less useable light output you will obtain. A perfect example would be a black light. This light has a color temperature of approx 14,000k and has almost no useable light or lumens output. Higher K kits such as 12,000k, 14000k, etc. have been manufactured for individuals that are more concerned about the actual color output of their lights as opposed to the actual useable light output.